Friday, 20 December 2013

Talent Show 2013: Act 17

Act 17 was Habeeba Y10 singing Youth by Foxes with Pria Y10 on piano. Habeeba's singing was excellent, as was Pria's piano playing. They hit a few bumps near the end but this was almost unnoticable. This performance end with a really loud applause from the audience.

Great job!

The second act

The second half was started by Kit in year7. Who was playing the drums. He really smashed it. Well done Kit.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Busy and Back on Track! - Media Club Update

Tonight at Media Club was a night of getting organised and back on track again...
After a meeting at the start of the evening, jobs were clarified and everybody had a task to be getting on with; whether it was developing skills that could be used for upcoming events (eg Talent Show) or preparing for a radio show, it was one hectic evening!
We also had a visit from our very own founder Mr Cunliffe in preparation for a very exciting event tomorrow! Preston Radio has asked Broughton's Media Team to come in a  give a talk on what the club was all about, as well as an insiders guide to life at BBEC - and with the big event tomorrow, it was time to get together to confirm the final details.
We look forward to hearing our very own Izzi and Harry being interviewed by Mr Cunliffe tomorrow (103.2 fm) and good luck to you guys!
As well as this, many of our new recruits were learning how to embed a slideshow from Picasa onto a blog, a very useful skill for the upcoming Talent Show (on which the team will be live-blogging on the school's main blog: 'BBEC's Flying Memo') and were very successful (as you can see on this very blog - look out for their test slideshows and posts explaining how they got around it below!).
Another current on going project is our 'Teach The Teachers' campaign, a project-in-progress where members from the team have been nominated to 'teach the teachers' useful apps that can be applied in classrooms to make students learning experience more efficient, simple and up-to-date. So watch this space to see how this goes!
All in all, it has been a successful evening and well done if you learnt something new today!

BBEC Media team 2013/14

This is photos of the BBEC Media team 2013/14. I made this by finding the photos from Picasa web albums, signed in as BBEC media team. next I clicked embed slideshow and copied and pasted the link to the blog choosingn the size extra-large.

By Joe Sharples 7C

This is a small size slideshow.
You go on Picasa and click embed sideshow. Pick what size you want and copy the link. paste it onto HTML. press compose then save. then click upload.

I made this by finding the photos from Picasa web albums, signed in as BBEC media team. next I clicked embed slideshow and copied and pasted the link to the blog choosing the size large.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Learning From Our Mistakes

Tonight's media club started out with a bit of a fluster, as we all tried to edit a google document at the same time.
Google docs is a feature that allows one person to share a document with up to 25 different people, who can all edit the doc at the same time. Whilst this feature is handy, it can also lead to sabotage - whether intentional or not. In the confusion of everyone typing it is very easy for work to be deleted.
As many of the team were not yet signed up, their names were classed as anonymous and the true culprit was never identified when the disaster happened... In all the chaos, all the work was deleted and we were back to square one.
Hopefully, this will be a chance to learn from our mistakes - it took no small amount of effort but eventually we regained all the information and were back on a roll on our individual projects!
Thankyou for your cooperation during this mis-hap.
Report by Megan

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The BBEC Media Team 2013-14

This is my Animoto movie about the current Media Team: 

This took me about 30 minutes.

First, I had to get the pictures on Picasa and add them onto Animoto (very easy movie tool) through the Add Photos/Video tool and then choosing Picasa. Note you can only upload full albums from Picasa.

Once I had finished the movie, I had to choose the embed tool once the movie was published and then right clicking and clicking copy on the Blog.

Make your own Animoto movies!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Louis' First Post

I'm a Y7 student at BBEC .I joined media team and its my 2nd week doing media team. The picture below is my avatar.

I like trains kid from asdf movies.

My First Week with the Media Team

My first week at media team! I learnt how make an avatar and how to do a blog post. I am very glad that I decided to come. I am looking forward to next week and all the other weeks.

This is the avartar link: I can not think of anything else that I would rather do.

By Eleanor