Thursday, 6 May 2010

The BBEC Election

As a preparation for later on in life, BBEC year 7, 8 and 9 pupils had a mock election to vote for the three main parties: Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats. Although the votes didn't count in the actual election, it was very interesting for us to see who the students wanted to see in power. We had three polling stations around school. Surprisingly, out of the 495 ballot papers, only 5 were declared spoilt.

Armed with Press badges, members of the Media Club interviewed students as they left the polling stations. They were trying to find out how the students felt about letting young people vote, and also who was their favourite party.  See our podcast opposite.

Finally, it's time for the results! They were extremely close - with Year 9 votes having to be re-counted. Here they are.

Year 7: Conservatives: 36% Labour: 24% Lib Dems: 40%
Year 8: Conservatives: 36% Labour: 19% Lib Dems: 45%
Year 9: Conservatives: 42% Labour: 27% Lib Dems: 31%
Overall: Conservatives: 38% Labour: 23% Lib Dems: 39%

Written by Lollipop

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