Wednesday, 15 December 2010


My name is Anisha Lad and I am part of Miss Cox's English class.During this week we have been reading because it is reading week. It is a contest to see who could read the most and who couldn't. I am not really a reader but because there was a prize I wanted to read. Most people were motivated with the prize (a big bar of chocolate). I was motivated and suprisingly I did 17 hours and 25 minutes altogether this week whereas I normaly read just4 hours and 30 minutes a week if I am lucky. So I have really improved. Some people might be tempted to fake some fantastic times. But it's not that easy to cheat because you have to get your parents sign a record sheet everyday to check and they have to put comments down to show any improvements.
Do you like reading? If you do add a comment!

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