Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Learning From Our Mistakes

Tonight's media club started out with a bit of a fluster, as we all tried to edit a google document at the same time.
Google docs is a feature that allows one person to share a document with up to 25 different people, who can all edit the doc at the same time. Whilst this feature is handy, it can also lead to sabotage - whether intentional or not. In the confusion of everyone typing it is very easy for work to be deleted.
As many of the team were not yet signed up, their names were classed as anonymous and the true culprit was never identified when the disaster happened... In all the chaos, all the work was deleted and we were back to square one.
Hopefully, this will be a chance to learn from our mistakes - it took no small amount of effort but eventually we regained all the information and were back on a roll on our individual projects!
Thankyou for your cooperation during this mis-hap.
Report by Megan

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  1. A super entry Megan. It's lovely to see how much your style has developed since last I taught you in Year 7!