About Us

Staff have requested that we…

• create an official group of students to be known as The BBEC MEDIA TEAM comprising pupils (probably nominated by staff ) with an interest in and a flair for communicating via video, audio, text or multimedia and for publishing via websites, blogs, wikis or video hosting sites.

• formalize the way we identify and harness the skills and enthusiasm of such pupils and encourage them to contribute to school life.

• Seek pupils who are one or more of the following:
a. excellent public speakers
b. natural interviewers;
c. personable and confident enough to give votes of thanks
d. talented with a still or video camera
e. able to create podcasts, films, animations etc
f. knowledgeable about sound equipment

• Make these pupils known to staff (they will be awarded a pass/badge) and give them opportunities to produce work for a real audience on behalf of staff and the school throughout the academic year.

• Reward their achievements at the end of the year by way of a certificate detailing their achievements (just as PE students are rewarded for their extra curricular commitments and achievements) for inclusion in their Record of Acievement/ e- portfolio.

• Share their achievements with the whole school community (inc parents) via the Media Team blog.

• Link to this blog via Symbaloo, so staff and students can access it easily, and form tutors can read and respond to the posts with their forms, periodically.